Remnant Display: For businesses new to Digital Advertising, simple campaigns, general audiences or limited budgets, ‘Remnant Display' Advertising is a great way to reach people and put offers in front of potential customers online. Simple Targeting, simple Reporting, amazing Prices, great Results! (AVG delivery against IMP guarantee: 110%)

Premium Display: Premium Display delivers for sophisticated or experienced digital marketers demanding premium results. Layered targeting, daily campaign optimizations, and multi-faceted bidding strategies (CPM, CPC, CPA etc.) deliver greater reach with lower eCPMs and CPCs, and drive better results. Multi-platform and network-agnostic, find your audience wherever they are. View thru reporting, spotlight tagging, CPA campaigns and other advanced capabilities, along with sophisticated Daily Reporting and detailed geographic breakouts give you unparalleled insight into your campaign's performance. Reach more potential customers, and generate more results per dollar with Premium Display! (AVG delivery against IMP guarantee: 227%)

Mobile In-App Advertising: Your potential customer spends more than 50% of their screen time on a mobile phone or tablet. Of that, 80% of that time is spent in Mobile Apps, not in their browser. Find them where they are, whether that's looking up the weather, streaming Pandora Radio, or playing Words With Friends. Custom, precision geographies and advanced psychographic targeting let you reach only the exact people you want to reach — driving 2-5X the response rates of typical Display Advertising


Ad Words: The most efficient form of Digital Advertising ever created. Reach potential customers looking for you, while they are in the act of looking for you, and only the specific customers you want to reach. Improve your organic Search results while you are at it! Pay only when potential customers click on your Ads.

Google Sponsored Promotions (“GSP”): Ad Words for the Inbox! All of the power, flexibility and efficiency of Google Ad Words delivered right into the (#1 consumer Email application in the US) Gmail Inbox.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn Advertising: The best of “Native Advertising”. Rich, engaging creative on the platforms where users spend more time, and tell us more about who they are what they do and what they like than anywhere before. Reach exactly the users you want to reach, with a finely crafted message that appears to your potential customer like highly relevant Content, not Advertising!

Targeted Email

Email has the highest ROI of any marketing platform, period. It isn't even close (better than 40-1 by numerous methodologies). Precise audience targeting, professional creative and copy, put your message in front of your customer in the place they spend more (awake) time than anywhere else — their inbox! Don't have all of their email addresses? Don't worry, just tell us who they are, where they live, and what they like – and we can find them.

Digital Video

Commercials aren’t just for TV anymore. Reach consumers with your video ads on phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, too. Video Pre-Roll runs in either :15 or :30 inventory across thousands of websites consumers view in your target geography– everything from MSN to ESPN to and