Vitamin D Digital Team: Brett Wolfsheimer

Travis Miller

Brett Wolfsheimer

The year was 1993 and a young middle school student named Brett Wolfsheimer talked his mother into buying a subscription from their local library to access this thing called “the Internet”; his journey into the digital space started right then. First with he experimented with the Bulletin Board System, and then evolved his graphic user interface skills with the aid of Mosaic in a Box.

In 1997, while still in high school, Brett went to work part time for his uncle, who, 2 years earlier, plunked down $35 to register the domain name “” (yes the thing you sing at a local bar after you’ve had a few). He answered phones, took orders, and learned HTML. He was also responsible for branching out and selling products in a new online auction space called “eBay”, where he helped dramatically increase sales.

Brett then attended Harford Community College for 2 - maybe 3 - years with focus on Communications, Advertising, and Marketing and went head first into the world of sales. His father was a successful Automotive Dealer, but needed help with this thing called “the Internet” to grow sales and to reach new customers at his dealership. Brett helped them grow from the ground up and ran successful Internet sales departments for multiple rooftops until he was recruited in 2005 to be a Web Sales Specialist for and – a part of Tribune Company.

Another opportunity came to the surface in 2008 when Brett was recruited within Tribune to become the first Interactive Sales Manager of WPMT FOX43 in York, PA; under his management, Digital Sales volumes increased within a matter of months. In 2010, he was promoted to Local Sales Manager and has overseen both Local Television and Digital Sales since then.

When Brett isn’t getting his sales team fired up, telling war stories about the car business, or reminiscing about early days of digital advertising in the boiler room, he can be found chasing around his 3 kids. Or maybe, just maybe, relaxing with his wife with a good Belgium beer in hand. As a native Baltimorean, Brett is huge Ravens and Orioles fan who loves to snowboard and hit the golf course when he can (but we’ve seen him play; he needs a lot a work.)