Vitamin D Digital Team: James Clark

Travis Miller

James Clark

James grew up in the Northern California Bay Area - he refuses to call it Silicon Valley - the son of engineers. His mother was among the first women to earn a Computer Science degree in the State of New York back in the '60s and his father co-founded a software company. Having spent his formative years in the '80s writing DOS software on an IBM PC jr., you could say he grew up a bit of a geek. James landed his first real job at a fledgling internet company called America Online in 1996 and ended up spending 13 years there. The first ten of them were a lot of fun, and the last three he served as Vice President and General Manager of AOL's homepage ( in seven countries.

From those experiences, James developed a love for taking the coolest and newest from what others call the 'Silicon Valley' and making them useful and relevant for real people and real businesses in the real world. Somewhere along the way, he graduated from the University of California, Davis and earned an Executive MBA at Virginia Tech. In 2010, James took a four-year plunge into the world of local television as President of all things digital, social and mobile at Barrington Broadcasting until deciding to co-found Phase 3 Digital in 2014.

Between Breaking Bad binges, James frequently shares photos of Fenway Park, or his precious pit bull rescue, Penny. When not on airplanes, James lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and young twins, loves distance running with Iron Maiden in his ear buds, the World Champion (he insisted we add that) Boston Red Sox and artisan bourbon - but not too much - most of the time. If you are looking for him, he'll be the guy with white hair, untucked dress shirt and brightly colored tennis shoes.