Vitamin D Digital Team: Mary Salafia

Mary Salafia

Mary Salafia

Mary was born and raised in England, followed by New England, then State College, Pennsylvania and finally moved to Maryland as a teenager in high school. After 2 years of living in State College, she got bit by the Penn State "bug" and applied for early-admission her senior year and got in - out-of-state tuition be damned!

Four years and a Journalism degree later, in 1993, Mary decided that she could have more fun and ultimately make more money in the advertising arena, and signed on with a small cable company in Maryland. This 4-state company launched cable TV advertising in all their markets and Mary was at the helm of bringing this "new-fangled technology" to market. Working with literally hundreds of small to large business owners, advertising agencies and marketing directors over the years, Mary found enormous satisfaction in helping these businesses grow through the power of TV advertising.

After 7 years of working with Prestige Cablevision, Adelphia bought the company and Mary transitioned to that much-larger company while getting promoted to a manager and building a bigger, stronger team in the Baltimore market. 7 must be the magic number, because after 7 years with Adelphia, Comcast bought that company and Mary transitioned to being the leader of a brand-new team in the Washington DC market!

With the enormous growth and use of the internet, and the steady decline of several "traditional" advertising methods like print and radio, businesses started looking for ways of using the digital marketplace to advertise their goods and services.

Comcast launched several digital offerings, but Mary saw the enormous shift that was happening in how people were using different media. So, when Mary took a position with a Digital-only marketing company, she jumped into internet marketing with both feet.

After two years, Mary was invited to join the Vitamin D Digital Team at Fox43 in the Harrisburg/Lancaster/Lebanon/York, PA Market. She has had the privilege of teaching clients about the various online methods they can use to reach their target customer. One major challenge for businesses, she says, is that "nothing ever stays the same" and with constant change in the way that consumers use media, businesses must be ever-adaptable and change their long-held beliefs about "what works" for advertising or risk losing customers to their competition.

Mary loves working with these businesses and helping them grow their customer base through digital marketing.