Social Media

7 posts/week: Social Media is a cocktail party -- a cocktail party that, done well, can help your business, deepen your relationship with customers, create "net promoters" (people who like to say good things about your business to others), and reach new customers. After all, Americans spend more than 2 hours a day on Facebook alone, the fastest growing group of users is 55+ females (it's not just kids anymore!), and Facebook by itself is the fastest growing Digital Marketing platform in the world (by far!). But it isn't a place you can sell your products or promote your upcoming sale. Confused? You are not alone! Let one of our professionals create a Social Media Strategy for your business, establish a posting calendar, post on your behalf every day, promote ("Advertise") the best ones, respond to questions and comments for you, and let you sit back and watch your following grow! Your price includes $200/month of Advertising by an expert specialist to maximize your reach and engagement!

Facebook, Twitter, YT, Instagram, LinkedIn Set up and credential recovery: If you don't have a page at all, we'll set one up for you. If you have (had?) one but you can't log in, don't remember who set it up, or lost your credentials, we'll fix that for you.